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Hello! I am Tyann, the face behind the lens. I am a mother of four wonderful babies, a wife to an amazing husband, a photographer, and a lover of coffee and all things snuggly. 

I have been photographing families and newborns in North Idaho area since 2012, but have loved photography since I was little. I bought my first "big" camera at 14 and snapped any and everything that I could focus my lens on. I have been blessed to create a career out of my hobby/passion. (Shout out to that amazing husband of mine for helping me to turn this dream into reality!)

I have lived here in the CDA area since I was about 10 but I am born and raised in Idaho. We've moved away before and couldn't stay away, Coeur d'alene is our home. I will never forget when we came home and I saw the lake coming around the corner on I-90, my heart filled with Joy. That was the moment I knew this was absolutely HOME and where my roots are firmly planted. 

I love to travel (although we don't do much of that with 4 littles!) I love to read a good book (again, 4 littles so I don't get a lot of free time)
I looovvvee to cook and bake and find new recipes. One of my favorite summer time activities is to take the kids to a theme park not too far from here. Nothing beats those rosy cheek grins. 

As a few of my clients have discovered, I am afraid of deer. I don't like bugs, and I will make you knock on wood if I think you gave one of us bad luck. 

I also like to blog... however.. I'm not always the best at doing it consistently! I am all too aware that time passes quickly and I'm often found snuggling with the babies.


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3044 W Hayden Ave

(208) 277-7020


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