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Welcome to confidence

Do you ever have moments looking at your reflection in the mirror, wishing you loved every part of you that is starting back?

I am a photographer & coach that is going to show you how to rewrite that through the process.

We will dismantle the limiting beliefs and change the way you see yourself through the powerful work I do. Whether you dive into the immersive photography experience & workshop, or you want to take the online course.

No more, will you hide from your own life because of false beliefs that you are some how not worthy? Instead, you're going to reclaim your confidence and live life lighter, fearlessly, and as the REAL YOU.  


Hiding YOU from the world is a thing of the past...

Imagine getting to the end of life and realizing that you didn't show up in family photos. Or you didn't attend events because you were embarrassed to wear a dress. Or maybe you gave up on your career goals because you thought it was too late... imagine what future you would say to younger you if THAT were your truth. 

You're not doing that anymore. You're going to smash those limiting beliefs and rewrite your thought process so that you can confidently show up in your life and career. And do the things future you will be grateful for.  

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words of affirmation


"...Tyann reaches into your heart and brings it out and teaches you how to own it and live it. My life has not been the same since I met Tyann.... I am empowered to finally have my own voice and choose to show up in the world like I want to show up in this life. Please do this for yourself. It's time. Allow yourself to heal and be ready to shine for yourself and your fellow sisters and the future little ladies that also deserve to grow up in a kinder more accepting world. And like all the wonderful women who are in this group, I am here to see you and celebrate YOU."

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fall in love with yourself 




decide you're done hiding and not fully loving who you are.

book a session or take the workshop (if you're feeling real spicy let's do the sauce)

live life with so much self love that you can't help but strut around like Beyonce!

are you ready to say yes to yourself??

claim your confidence

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