Being a work at home mom

I work from home, as so many moms do these days. Which means, my kids also work from home. They work on my gray hair count while I work on photos. They are turning into quite the interior un-decorators. And let me tell you about the cuisine they prepare for me. (Microwaved bread is really an overlooked delicacy.) My hair hasn't been brushed in 3 days, and I'm wearing a few days worth of make up. But as they play in the splash pad (Also known as the bathroom) I hear those sweet giggles.

At times I realize just how removed from a social life I am, like when some one comes over to my house and as I give them the tour I have to show them my neat towel collection. Or how I cling to anyone who comes over here like a parasite because... well, I've forgotten what the outside world was like. When I go get my nails done, I always look in the mirror as I was my hands and realize that if I showed up with a full face of real, fresh, makeup and my hair actually combed, I don't know that anyone would recognize me. My messy mom bun and sloppy 2 day old make up is MY staple.

When it comes down to it though, I have days where I can feel the weight of reality that I only get 18 short years with my children here. I only get 12 first days of school with them. And as much as I know the summer time will bring stress as a work at home mama, I only get 16 more of them. I'm a young mom, which means a lot of years of looking back at memories. Which is wonderful, but it also means I need to make the most of RIGHT now. More snuggles, more forts, giggles, movies, and memories for me to look back on. There are days that I practically race out the door when my husband gets home because I've cleaned raspberries out of my couches, carpets, walls, hair.. all day. There are times I'm not sure I'll survive all of the toddler years. And their are moments that my heart bursts because I love them so much. Motherhood is one giant loving contradiction after another.

These cute little monsters aren't going to be little for much longer and I need to go soak it in.

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