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Happy New Year!!! Every year, I sit down to evaluate how the previous year went for business and let's just say 2017 was amazing with so many up's, down's, and additions. I stumbled and learned. I tried new things and discovered new passions. In my little family we always sit down on New Year's day and write down our goals for the year. It's been fun to look back every year and see what we've achieved off our lists. So for 2018 I've got a few changes I wanted to share with everyone! 1. I will be getting a new studio- hopefully this year! 2. The only adjustments to my packages right now are that I am going to be giving ALL of the digital files to you instead of selecting the ones you want. 3. I will be getting ready to showcase all of the print products I offer in the new studio, be on the lookout for some of those previews. 4. I would love to take on a personal project. I have ideas already being thrown around. I can't wait to smooth that out and share with you what I am coming up with. 5. I want to encourage all of my clients to give me feed back with your experiences, I hope to improve your experience with me this year! 6. I REALLY hope to take some more couples and portrait sessions. I spent some of my winter learning new things and I can't wait to implement them this year! I have so many hopes and goals, but the biggest one right now is that I feel God pulling me somewhere. I am trying to find out what that is, but I hope to use all he has given and blessed me with for something good. Once I know what that is, I will be bursting at the seams to share it with everyone. <3

What were some of your goals for the new year? p.s. I also hope to get this sweet girl potty trained!


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