The corny reason I changed my business name....

If you've followed me over the years you might remember that I started as "Ttaylor Photography" and quickly changed to "With Love Photography" for a few years. Then again a few years ago I decided to just use my name, to help people identify and find my page and sites easier, which has worked well. Not to mention I liked putting my name on my work!! And now, you've already seen the Facebook name change... drum roll.... Bjorkman Film+Foto!!! This comes with a new chapter in my career and life. Adding film/video work and a business partner! (We've already been doing business together so what's one more project?!) haha I couldn't be more excited that my husband, Chris, is joining me in this work. In the coming months you will start to see more and more of our video work- it's a passion we've discovered we share together. Through 2018 we have launched into learning all we can about video- we've worked on some projects and we are so excited to grow this company together. I am NOT quitting my photography. Let's just get that one out there now. ARE YOU READY FOR THE CORNY REASON WE CHOSE BJORKMAN FILM+FOTO? My husband and I have been thinking this one over for a couple of months- how to merge/join/create a new page. Or should we change my existing? How did we want to handle the new part of the company? And if we merge it, what would we call it? When it hit me, Film and Photo, that's what WE are doing. Wait, we... as in.. me... and my husband.. and we are....... B.. F... F..'s BJORKMAN FILM+FOTO. Whoop. There it is. Yes, I am that cheesy. Yes, we know that's not the proper way to spell photo. BUT BFF's you guys. hahah if you know us you know that's us 100000000 percent US. Anyways- enough about me... er us... UNTIL MY NEXT BLOG... Tyann + Chris

AKA B.F.Fs. <3

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