How Young Living Oils changed my life

That title is real click bate huh? Haha if you're reading this you're probably one of five people curious why all of a sudden my newsfeed is filled with more and more about my oils. I've loved my oils for years and talked about them here and there, but during the quarantine of 2020 Chris and I were also going through a pretty big life change. And one day I was talking with a friend, who got me back into YL oils (I used a lot of Doterra oils up to that point- don't get me wrong, I love DT too!)

She had ordered the Thieves cleaning kit and shared a sample spray with me. I sprayed my counters down when I got home, right after we had "cleaned" them with our usual chemical cleaners. The amount of dirt and grime that I wiped up grossed me out to no end. So I pretty much immediately ordered the kit and signed up to be a member so I could get the discount on those cleaners. One thing led to another and I got a phone call from my now upline, Lisa, who just wanted to say congrats on joining and offer to share her knowledge with me. We got to talking and through our conversation I had shared with her about some health issues I have been experiencing (even more reason to get rid of the toxic chemicals) and she offered a few ideas of YL products that have helped others and herself with similar things... so I decided what the heck, I'll give it a try since nothing else seems to be helping and I desperately do not want to end up on a cocktail of meds if I can avoid it. My order of Ningxia Red came in, and literally from the first day I drank it I noticed a massive difference. Gah, what a life changer this bottle of miracle was for me. I am the girl who was waking up tired, and incredibly sluggish through the day. Which left me feeling really crummy about myself, but for the last 3 weeks I've been drinking 2 oz every morning and holy sh*t. It changed my life. I have more mental clarity, the ability to focus, the drive I thought I lost, and energy. Not jittery-heart racing energy, just on-my-game kind of stuff.

In addition to Ningxia and the cleaners I decided to give Thyromin a try. I am only about 2 weeks in. BUT HOT DOG- it's like everything I try freaking works. Like this company ACTUALLY PRODUCES PRODUCTS THAT DO WHAT THEY SAY THEY'RE GOING TO DO. Thyromin is a thyroid aid. I can't say a lot right now, but I can tell you with everything I have been doing combined. I am sleeping better, snacking SO much less, and waking up energized.

All of this made me a believer and a lifelong user of YL products. So when Lisa shared a bit of her story, and she had the same experiences and decided, well if I am going to use it all the time and love sharing it the way I do, maybe I should try selling it? That hit home with me, I believe whole heartedly in these products. And I am already screaming about them from my rooftop. Okay not literallyyy... but I might talk your ear off about them if you'll listen. So when our life took a really huge financial turn this year, I figured I could try, post a few things, basically just giving my personal review and results and just see what happens. I'm new to this, so I don't know how far I will go. But these products are changing my life, and if I can share them with ONE person who is going through what I was and it helps.. it's worth it. My hope is to share it with a lot more than that, because they're just amazing. So thank you for reading this far, thank you to everyone who has already shown support and ordered. And thank you to Ashley & Lisa for introducing me to these amazing products. I love you both for it!! check out YL: My favorite Amazon Diffusers:

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