Thieves Vs. Clorox Wipes

I'm a mom, therefore I clean. Right? Ever since this pandemic started I feel like my cleaning habits have stepped up tenfold. I worry so much more about making sure every surface in our house is clean and as germ free as possible. Like many people in the united states I went straight for the Clorox wipes thinking that they were easy, convenient, and got the job done. While they definitely have the benefit of killing viruses and bacteria I was a little grossed out to find just how much gunk they were leaving behind. So, I decided to showcase the difference using my Thieves cleaners vs the clorox wipes. Watch below:

YUCK. That's all I have to say. After this I pretty much ditched my clorox wipes and have been using my thieves cleaners daily! I love the smell, I love how clean I KNOW my countertops are, and I trust them in helping protect my family. P.s. I am adding a how-to make your own cleaner blog SOON! If you want to order some cleaner click here.

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