Learning to Detox my life.

As I learned more and more about my cleaners and the HEALTH benefits from getting rid of the chemical cleaners I've used my entire life, I decided I wanted to learn more about other ways to live a cleaner healthier life. I am a NEWB when it comes to this stuff. So I figured as I stumble my way through learning different things I would share here for anyone who wants to learn with me! The first thing I did to detox our lifestyle was switch my cleaners. I haven't actually gone through my house with a garbage bag, YET, but I am about to. We switched to our thieves cleaner a little over a month ago now and it has changed the way I clean forever. It was only after seeing the cleaning benefits from this cleaner did I even dive into the health reasons it was a good switch. But once I did it made so much sense to me. I am no doctor but when it comes with tons and tons of health warnings on it, we've been kind of desensitized to it. Just look at these warnings from the Cleveland Clinic.

I also do know, that what we put ON our bodies ends up IN our bodies. So using cleaners, and lotions, and beauty products filled with chemicals are filtering into our bloodstreams. Check out this article about how they can affect our endocrine system.

I have been the person who rolls her eyes at "crunchy moms" If you are one of my friends who has tried to share this knowledge with me in the past only to be met with silence, you were right, I was wrong, and I am late to the game here but I am here! If you take the time to actually read a little more information on some of this stuff you would be surprised just how harmful it all can be. I have so many stories and so many things I could share, but I will try to limit those to a different blog for a different day. Right now I want to share with you what I am doing to clean up our lives. I am not doing everything at once because it's overwhelming to try and change our entire life all at once, but I am going to incorporate things over time until we are living a detoxed, healthy, life.

FIRST we are throwing out all of our chemical cleaners and using more natural cleaning methods. 1. Thieves 2. Vinegar

3. Baking Soda I have already talked about how amazing this cleaner is, but I can't get over the health benefits behind it too! You can get it here.

SECOND I am dumping all of my wax pots. I freaking love my house to smell yummy and inviting, but I had no idea how harmful my artificial scents were. So, not only am I turning them off, but I am going to toss them. We are going to only diffuse my essential oils from here.

THIRD plants. I think this one will actually bring a lot of happiness, but from my own research it is suggested to have a lot of plants to help recycle the air. (I am jumping with joy that I have been given such a good reason to tell Chris it's time to go plant shopping! And he can't object, because it's for our health!!!)

Bug Spray

I am also currently in the process of finding the best natural pest control methods for my garden, but I am going to make an entirely separate blog for that. So if you want to watch the whole process of a family of 6 learning to detox and clean up their lifestyle follow along! It's probably going to be an interesting ride. We are the family who consumes and uses so much "bad" stuff and it's going to be interesting as we learn what harmful things are hidden in our every day lives!!!

If you are interested in Young Living and essential oils for their many amazing benefits, you can check out all of their products and learn more here. If you want to enroll and become a young living user or distributer you can do that here. If you have any questions about them, don't hesitate to ask me. It is my favorite thing in the world to talk about. Well, next to talking about my kids and husband. haha <3 The Oily Nurse (aka it's me, Tyann)

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