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Go f*ck yourself.

Just kidding- unless it's for self-pleasure, then by all means my friend. F*ck yourself. I host a private women's group that I started a few years ago as I dove into my boudoir photography and sometimes in there we get to talk about the big & important stuff. This week I asked two questions: What is something you are exceptional at & what is something you are self-conscious of? can you guess which one got a response faster (and had more people commenting on it? I bet you did. And I bet you're right.

Image Credit: Amber Tyler Photo

WHY is it so much easier to talk about the perceived "negative" aspects of ourselves? Why is it so incredibly easy for women to tell you everything wrong with her, rather than tell you, you know what? I'm a really fucking GOOD CEO. I am a BADASS mom. We literally reject compliments. "Hey, I love your hair!" "Oh what? Thanks, I haven't washed it in days" WHAT THE FUCK??? But the truth is- I already know why you're doing this. You've been conditioned to believe the less-than parts of yourself are more likable than the parts of you that are exceptional.

Image Credit: Tyann Bjorkman

You've been shown that women shouldn't brag, or they will be seen as bitches. You've been SHOWN that if a woman is too confident she will be ripped to shreds. So WHY the fuck would you put yourself out there in that way? The problem is, the older we get, the more life we live, the more time that passes that we see this as true... the more we learn to accept that we aren't good enough. We aren't that pretty. We don't have the right body. We aren't smart enough. And every time you think that- it becomes a layer of hurt. A wound. Until you start to hide yourself more and more. You decide not being SEEN is better than risking anyone noticing your "flaw"

We can't live like this. We DON'T DESERVE TO LIVE LIKE THIS. It is absolutely time to reclaim our power- redefine what it means to love ourselves. PERIOD. Babe, you're amazing. that isn't some generic empty compliment. You have value in this world. PERIOD. So go f*ck yourself, have an orgasm, and then tell the world about what a badass you are.

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