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How astrology can be toxic

So, stay with me, because this post is going to be a ride. And let me preface this with- if you aren't obsessed with astrology this post probably isn't for you. Part of what made 2021-2022 such a glorious dumpster fire, was that I tried so many different businesses. I explored new passions and launched things before it was time and they flopped. I got discouraged. I felt defeated. And part of what made 2020-today so amazing was navigating a new belief system, exploring different ideals, and religions, and spirituality, and getting back in touch with something I've always loved. Astrology. When I say back in touch, I really just mean I dove into it. I love it. It's more complex than I realized. And there are different kinds. All of that being said. My several failed attempts at various career ideas (okay- truly they were "failures" because I gave up before ever starting) I got really scared to try new things. Couple that with starting to learn and listen more to astrology and suddenly when the TikTok astrologer tells you "Yea, Mercury is retrograde. DON'T DO BUSINESS OR IT WILL FAIL." You're like- huh so THAT'S WHY IT FLOPPED. Definitely not because I gave up. And then your feed is filled with these astrologers telling you that "I would hate to be around a Virgo right now..." And "2022 is going to be a shit show" And suddenly you're connecting dots and the foreshadowing makes you afraid to do anything.

Here's where it's toxic. The fear-mongering. The total belief that it's absolute. It's toxic if you make it toxic. And I did. Unless someone was like "hey, Virgos- you should launch that business right now and you'll get all of your dream clients and it will be a smashing success" I believed my astrology was bad. So, recently I saw something about how this current mercury retrograde is supposed to be really hard on the mutable signs (Virgo is one) and I was like "FUCK. I just decided to promise myself that I would post a blog each day. and now it's gonna be bad.... so I *almost* didn't write today. WTF TYANN? Astrology is fun, it can be pretty accurate, but it doesn't predict your future. Don't give it that much power. And then I thought to myself, how many other ways am I giving things outside my control over me? How else am I preventing myself from the growth I want because of something as silly as that?

I'm not saying astrology isn't real. I'm not saying you shouldn't read your horoscope. I AM saying- even if your horoscope says it sucks to be you right now- still do the things. Still, put yourself out there. Don't allow that to be an excuse to hide or not show up for yourself. Don't blame mercury for everything going wrong in your life, take some accountability. Use it to laugh off the mishaps. But don't let it dictate your life. If you get this, you get it. If you don't, great. The biggest thing for me- is if you find yourself feeling dread when you see someone mention your sign and say something that is anything other than positive... stop paying attention to it. Block that person. Don't read it. Your energy is more important than that. Protect it.

If you find yourself saying things like "When will Capricorns get a BREAK" just know, you've reached toxic astrology. Now- I could go on and on about my interpretation of astrology and how much I think the trendy astrologers are missing the big picture.. but that's another post for another day. xoxo

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