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The rebel CEO- a place for the misfit entrepreneurs ready to reclaim themselves.

Welcome to our corner of the internet...

Hi! I am your host, coach, & misfit entrepreneur, Tyann. I am a traveler of wrong turns, long hard roads, and learning things the hard way so you don't have to. I always like to say that I am REAAAAALLLY thorough in my research. But the truth is, if you're finding me you are likely feeling a little lost, blocked, or like you're living in the wrong frequency. You might hear me talk about the wounded entrepreneur often, and it's something that I am incredibly passionate about. Let's start by talking about WHAT wound I am talking about. The wounded entrepreneur is the person who has tried and tried and met resistance to being in business. They are exhausted but ambitious. They have the drive but haven't found their breakthrough. Often they're aware that something is blocking them, but can't figure out what or how to clear it. You might be a wounded entrepreneur if you:

  • You are living in your wounded feminine

  • You are living in your wounded masculine

  • Operating from a place of fear or scarcity

  • Struggling with feelings of shame, guilt, imposter syndrome, jealousy, or a lack-mindset.

  • Working 24/7 but not getting the clients you want or need

  • Clients are continually canceling

  • Worry & stress are intensifying

  • Overwhelmed by business

  • Your business is running YOU vs you running your business

  • Living in a reactive state vs a healthy ability to pivot as needed

  • You are starting to move through new ideas at a rapid pace without giving them a chance to gain a footing.

  • You no longer accept or believe compliments.

  • and more...

That's where I come in.

Through my courses and 1:1 work with clients, I help you to break through these self-limiting beliefs and walk through the inner work. And create a frequency that will attract the success, health, wealth & abundance you desire. I look forward to sharing more of the secrets I've discovered and helping more and more rebel entrepreneurs break through to abundance.

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